Be a Clyner

Clyn wants your business.

Clyn 2.0 will be launching in Summer 2021 and we are excited to grow together!


Our mission here at Clyn is to foster recurring and consistent business for home service providers. During the pandemic Clyn has built applications for both iOS and Android that put the provider first.

We have partnered with Checkr, Uber and Lyft’s preferred background check provider to run Clyn’s background checks. We are so excited about having you on board that we are paying it forward. 


Please CLICK THE BUTTON BELOW then send the pre-written email to have your background checked. You will receive an invitation link to create your secured portal to track your background check processing.

To become a Clyner, you must have your background check processed.
If you have any questions, please contact us through
Looking forward to having you onboard!
The Clyn Team